Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Win Tracker - September 1

I think we all feel the panic beginning to fill the air. Boston looks like they're not letting up. This past road trip was actually a success when you compare it to others from this season. The Rays went 4-3. The annoying part is that it could have easily been 6-1 had it not been for late inning bullpen collapses, leaving the Rays three back for the Wild Card, with a chance to tie Boston after our series with them at the Trop which begins tonight. If the Rays fate hasn't already been determined, the next two weeks might just do that. Six of our next twelve games are against Boston. After that no more Red Sox games this season. If we blow their doors off, then we might be back in this thing, but holding steady only helps Boston, because time is not on our side.

Pitching matchups

Sonnanstine (6-7) vs Lester (10-7)

Garza (7-9) vs Beckett (14-5)

Price (7-6) vs Buchholz (3-3)

Wednesday's game is on ESPN for you out of market folk.

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