Friday, September 25, 2009

Absentee blogging

It's pretty obvious by the summaries by month to the right that I've neglected the blog this month. This is a function of three things 1) Things to do at work, 2) The Rays shitting their pants (and not just a little, it was full blown diarrhea), and 3) College Football starting (with most of the discussion organically taking place through emails)

With ten games to go on the Rays season, I wanted to weigh in before shifting into offseason/post season mode for baseball.

  • I think the 2009 Rays will ultimately be one of the most under-rated teams in Tampa Bay sports history. Yesterday I was listening to local radio here in Miami. The Dolphins are 0-2. A comment was made that Tony Sparano would have been better off if this year happened last year and last year happened this year. I think the same thing could be said for the Rays. With ten games remaining and a 78-74 record, the Rays will likely finish with a winning record. Second best season ever Rays fans. Nothing wrong with that. Yea, no World Series (or playoffs for that matter), but cmon we entered September with hope.
  • Our rotation for next year looks like it can be pretty good (Garza, Shields, Niemann, Price, Davis). All these guys have question marks. Shields was especially bad in the second half of the season, but I think that was an exception and not the rule. Young guys like Niemann, Price, and Davis will come with question marks but ultimately this is a nice staff at a very reasonable price. As stated earlier in this blog I think Kazmir had to be moved at some point (you can question the timing), but his salary along with more to come had to get moved.
  • John Romano wrote a column recently that stated one or two of either Crawford, Bartlett, or Pena would be traded this offseason. If that happens the outrage will be immeasurable. The Kazmir trade was palatable because you just assumed it would free up money to retain quality players already on the roster.
  • I'm eagerly awaiting to see what becomes of Aki. It doesn't make sense to bring him back into the fold considering money constraints, Brignac's presence, and Zobrists too. Brignac isn't ready to play everyday. So Zobrist probably gets the job at 2nd with a different platoon in right that would include Rodriguez and Joyce in some capacity. Rodriguez probably takes on that super-utility role once occupied by Zorilla.
  • God help our bullpen. I know 90% of all baseball teams have bullpen problems, but it's hard not to cry about it when you see it happening to your favorite team
  • Offseason stadium bickering will surely happen. The Times had a piece last Saturday about the mayoral candidates, the lease, and the possibilities of breaking it. Not a fun topic

I would post thought on college football here, but it seems like that banter is more of an email thing.

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