Monday, August 17, 2009

Who else loves the new catcher

Pinch hit grand slams by the new guy go a long way towards making people love him, and making Dioner Navarro more maligned. The Rays roller-coaster is climbing again. Two straight wins to snap the 6 game skid, and Baltimore coming in on Tuesday, which is a series that we should be winning. Next weekend's series with Texas is gargantuan. Interestingly our last road trip of the season is a three game trip to Arlington. Texas had a huge May and July. You would think that they should be cooling off about now. I still have a hard time accepting that the Rays are only an above average team. This underachieving has to stop eventually. They are fortunate to be 3.5 back after what has transpired this season.

The Yankees resurgence has been a difference maker too. In hindsight it is unwise to think that the Yankees would duplicate last season's poor finish. They had been making the playoffs every year since '96, so it would only make sense that they would rebound from last year's letdown. The fact that we're basically out of the division race has left a lot of people disappointed but really it is hard to question the players when they say "we are right where we want to be". 44 games left, and still controlling their own fate. The team is relatively healthy. The thing that blindsided a lot of people has been the poor performance against the good teams in the AL that aren't fixtures at the top (Texas, Seattle, Chicago). All .500 or better, but none of them were on the radar as teams to look out for. Pitching matchups for Baltimore

Price (5-5) vs. Berken (2-10)

Niemann (10-5) vs. Tillman (1-0)

Shields (7-9) vs. Matusz (1-2)

We are 1-1 vs. Baltimore at home this year and 3-4 overall for the year. Sorriness.

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