Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thoughts heading out west

From the man that brought you this article last week, comes the proclamation that the Rays are playoff contenders because of Wednesday's game. Not that I disagree with him on that point, but I think this is pretty good evidence that Gary Shelton is a bit of a loose cannon in his Rays coverage.

Game comments
During the first part of the game, bullpen coach Bobby Ramos was being interviewed by Todd Kalas. I commented to Gayle that the guy sitting in the party area directly behind Ramos looked like Roberto Hernandez (he was even wearing the old Ray on top of the rainbow oval hat). Three innings later, the crew pointed it out and confirmed it was indeed Roberto Hernandez. This disconcerting part is that he was in close proximity to the point where he could be coaching up the bullpen, which isn't what you want from that guy.

Dewayne Staats has taken his game up a level this year. His tone continues to be that of a fan. He spent a lot of the broadcast coaxing Kevin Kennedy into admitting that the Rays are more badass than he envisioned when he took Joe Magrane's seat in the booth. Staats also took the liberty of talking crap about the national media and their comments on the Rays. I'm paraphrasing but he said something along the lines of "All these guys saying the Rays are out of it...well I never see them at Tropicana Field, or on the road covering the away games. They don't know what they are talking about". Dewayne's stock is rising in my estimation.

The FSN crew showed a lot of footage of Pat Burrell's sleeveless one on one batting practice session with Joe Maddon. It drew some sympathetic comments from my wife ("I feel sorry for him. He's trying"). I guess it worked, since he slugged a home run later in the game.

Win Tracker

The team fell short of the target by a game this homestand, but considering they took both games from the Red Sox, it's not all bad. It would be nice for the team to take at least 2 games from the Mariners over the weekend considering the Yanks and Sox play a four game set beginning tonight. There is ground to be made up in either the wild card or the division race. so opportunity knocks.

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