Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gainesville in the eyes of Urban Meyer

Pat Dooley did an interesting piece on Urban Meyer today (as long as you can cut through the Sister Hazel nonsense. On a side note, when I was at UF Dooley did a daily radio show that wasn't that bad. He would however on occasion talk about music. Long story short, his taste in music is horrific. There were many a time that he wondered aloud what the best Tom Petty song is. disastrous radio) .

Jon, you may not enjoy the article so much.

Perhaps my head was in the sand, but I wasn't aware of the extent that Meyer was struggling to adapt to Gainesville. I think the fact that he has found a comfort zone there is sort of a big deal for his longevity as Head Football Coach.

The most interesting part for me was the bit about the 2005 team. I would like to know what seniors "tried to implode it". According to the seniors on the 2005 team were:

Matt Kynes, Vernell Brown, Deshawn Carter, Kyle Morgan, Jarvis Herring, Todd McCullough, Shan Cimock, Bryan Royal, Jeremy Mincey, Jonathan Marvin, Mike Degory, Lance Butler, Randy Hand, Tavares Washington, Dallas Baker, Otto Graham, Jimmy Newmeyer, Markell Thompson, and Nick Flemming. The article implies that Vernell, Herring, and Mincey were boys with Meyer. We know Dallas Baker was on board. Go back to that list and eliminate all the spares, and your left with Todd MuCullough, and a group of offensive linemen (Mike Degory, Lance Butler, Jonathan Marvin, Randy Hand, Tavares Wasshington.

So one could draw the conclusion that Urban Meyer is blaming the three losses (at Bama, at LSU, and at USC) on a group of angry offensive linemen who miss their weight lifting buddy Ron Zook.

Nothing like a text message from James Bates to go play bocci to lift your spirits, eh.


  1. I took Meyer's comment about seniors to just mean upperclassmen. With that in mind, here are some JRs who I would consider to be potential problems:

    DeShawn Wynn - Meyer publicly criticized him numerous times and Wynn seemed to spend most of 2005 and 2006 in Meyer's doghouse.

    Marcus Thomas - who knows what happened in '05, but the problems with Thomas became public during the '06 season when he was suspended and eventually kicked off the team for taking an unapproved trip to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. I think it's safe to assume that Marcus was probably causing problems for Urb in '05 as well, it just wasn't public.

    Dee Webb - from what I recall, he was from Jax and Zooker hired Webb's high school head coach to be the secondary coach at UF. I can see how Dee may not have approved of Meyer replacing Zook. Additionally, Webb left after his junior career to begin his professional career, which has included stops with the Philadelphia Soul and Toronto Argonauts.

    Skyler Thornton - he transferred after the '05 season. Prior to Meyer's arrival, Thornton started to see action during the final games of Zook's tenure, but he was relegated to the bench under Meyer.

    Dallas Baker - we know when Dallas Baker graduated after the '06 season, he and Meyer were close. However, I've read several items regarding Baker and he's acknowledged that Meyer called him out, even called him a clown to his face at one point. Additionally, Baker noted it took him a while to buy in, but he feels he's a better man because he eventually did.

  2. Excellent points. You could throw the McCollum twins in there for good measure. I want to know who the two guys were that were dismissed on the tarmac. I'd also like to know how that conversation went with the pilot: "Excuse me, sir, could your park the plane here for a minute I have some ranting to do".

    You are probably right about Thomas. Remember too that he was suspended for the first two games of the 2006 season for shit that he did the previous year.

    It's amazing to see that he admits he second guessed his ability to make the players buy into the program he wanted to set up.

  3. You know in hindsight it isn't all that surprising that some guys reacted that way to Zooker's dismissal. They committed to the guy..Zook, not necessarily Florida. That is how Zooker sold recruits on coming to Florida. Had he left on his own (like Steve), or had he resigned in the middle of a scandal (Galen Hall), or fired after committing a multitude of violations (Pell) the successor coach probably isn't running into a group not willing to conform. Imagine what kind of trouble would have awaited if Crowder and C-4 stuck around. From what I remember, they had 1 meeting with Meyer, and they walked out and declared for the draft.

  4. You're right about Crowder and Fason. They wanted nothing to do with Urb.

    Once Foley told Zooker to kick rocks, I think many of the players who were buddies with Zooker, realized things were going to dramatically change with a new coach. Some bought in immediately (Siler), some resisted the change at first, but slowly accepted it and bought in (Baker) and other resisted until the bitter end (Thomas).

    I can see why some resisted, imagine signing up for US History at Lakewood thinking Hepburn was going to be your teacher. You were going to have a full year of talking about rap music, doing minimal work, and getting As. Then you find out Hepburn is being replaced by Mr. Jacobs. In the long run, you'll probably learn more and be better off, but in your juvenile mind your buddy just got replaced by a disciplinarian that doesn't care about your feelings.

  5. Great analogy. There are ways to circumvent LHS scheduling snafoos. Sophomore year I had Chemistry with Gurba for a semester. I learned a lot, and got decent grades. Then Jon and I thought it would be more fun if I had Oberg, so I convinced Monsiuer Hickman that I would learn better in his class if I had him last period, which opened the door for me to slide into Oberg's class, and cease future academic activity in the field of chemistry. Although it did lead to one of my greatest moments in high school, which involved a trip to Bimpy's and an ill advised trip back to 6th period. I suppose this puts me in the Fason/Crowder category.