Monday, August 24, 2009

Here's to hoping we know how to play the Tigers

Seven of the Rays next thirteen games are against Detroit. Tonight we get to face Roy Halladay...again. I feel like that guy pitches every game Toronto plays against us.

It would have been nice to have swept at least one of those series in the last homestand, but you can't complain about winning all three series, and reeling Texas in a little bit. I feel like Texas is screwed. They have a ton of road games left this year. Boston is an interesting case because while they appear to be sucking wind right now, they show signs of life every now and then (kind of sounds like the Rays). They just put in a claim for Billy Wagner and his surgically repaired elbow. The Mets...the 2009 Mets have no room for Billy Wagner, but the Red Sox do. That is a good sign for the Rays.

Yesterday's game was tough. The Rays brought nothing to the plate. David Price wasn't dominant, but I was impressed. He got some really tough breaks that lead to the three earned runs, but he kept things under control despite it all. If that game happend earlier in the year I could see him unraveling. Most exciting performance of the weekend has to go to Kazmir. Everyone who cares about the Rays breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that outing. The guy was pitching, he wasn't just standing up there throwing the ball at the catcher.

I expect the Yankees to hand Texas some more losses this week. Our road record in Toronto has been quite good this year (4-2). It seems like we're setting up for a nice series against Toronto followed by some disappointment in Detroit. We have a terrible record on Sundays, and a terrible record on the last game of home stand and road trips. The Tigers series is four games (Friday - Monday). So it stands to reason that the Sunday and Monday games are going to be difficult for the team to win. Those Friday/Saturday games would be nice to get.

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