Monday, August 24, 2009

Gator Depth Chart 2009 - Offense

The Gainesville Sun ran previews and depth charts over the last month. I'm compiling them here, along with a graphic that brings the entire offensive and defensive units together for ease of review. First the offense. The comings and goings of the team are obvious, and have been discussed many times over (Percy, Murphy, Trautwein, Watkins, Tartt). So basically your biggest playmaker, your best receiver, and both starting tackles. If you told me, without naming the team, that a major college program would lose both starting tackles, their top two receivers, and the player who had the most rushing yards amongst all WRs/RBs, then I would have a hard time predicting success for that team. That speaks to the magnitude of Tebow to this team. With all due respect to Traut and Watkins, I think the feeling among a lot of people is that Matt Patchan and Marcus Gilbert are quite capable of filling the shoes, and perhaps play better. Trautwein was very mistake prone towards the end of the season. Matt Patchan's emergence has allowed Carl Johnson to stay at guard and solidify the interior with the Pouncey twins which is huge for the running game. Demps, Rainey, & Co. showed flashes last year to make us feel that someone out there is capable of running the football. I worry about replacing Murphy. I watched the SEC Championship game Sunday morning and that guy was better than people realize. The Bama corners were really physical with him, and he was able to fight them off, get separation with his speed, make catches in traffic, and get yards after the catch consistently. Percy was the best WR but Murphy did things that I'm not sure can be duplicated by anyone else on this year's roster. I'm really excited about seeing Aaron Hernandez. He was awesome in 2007 when he first saw playing time, and even better last year. I expect big things from him.

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