Thursday, August 13, 2009

Falling off pace

The Rays fell short by a game in their last home stand. The road trip added two more games to make up down the road. Putting the 95 wins aside, the focus at this point is really on catching Boston and Texas.. The Yankees show no sign of letting up. The Rays had a golden opportunity to catch the Red Sox in their recent swoon, and not only came up short, but now have fallen back to 4.5 games behind. Yes, we still have six games against Boston, but it is unlikely they win all six of those games. You'd like to see us get at least 4 of the six, but that only gets us two games back from the 4.5 we still have to make up. Hopefully Baltimore and Toronto at home will provide some relief, but I'm nervous about Texas coming in. The Central and the West seem to own us. We also have a ton of games against the Tigers on the horizon, and I don't believe we have seen them yet this year. It's a damn shame we couldn't pull out a win in that first game against the Angels, and an even bigger shame that we blew that lead Friday night against the Mariners. This season is filled with games like those, and last season it seemed like we were on the winning side of most of those situations.

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