Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dewayne Staats sticks to his guns

I'll defer to the Times for the details on last night's game.

Dewayne Staats stole the show for me last night. This year, Staats has shown a propensity for a calling a game with Rays colored glasses. He spent a good solid inning raking Laz Diaz across the coals last road trip. He was at it again last night with the umpiring crew after the dead ball ruling that left Zobrist at 3rd and Aybar at 2nd. I wish there was some video online because you would have thought you were watching the game with him in his living room. Subsequently in extras, the Rays had the bases loaded again with nobody out and he was still making comments like "Well, the Rays will have to win this game for a second time here". Todd Kalas was dispersed to track down a rule book and by the time the game ended shortly after midnight the air had been cleared, and it appeared the right call was made.

Not good enough for Dewayne though. In the post game show he still harped on it, claiming, "Well they called it by the book, but that's a bad rule. They should change it".

Dewayne Staats is about 30 years, and a drinking problem away from calling Rays games the same way Harry Caray called the Cubs games on WGN.

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