Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too soon?

Last night's game wasn't on TV, so all I have is observations of a box score and uniform commentary. You can read a box score, so here's my best Paul Lukas impression.

Last year's St. Pete Pelicans was the best throwback promotion the Rays have done. The St. Pete Saints is OK too I guess, but it doesn't really excite me the way the Pelicans did. I think we could all get on board with a St Pete Cardinals if not for the one big problem. It would basically be our team wearing another MLB team's uniform with one of these on the hat.

Good idea by the Rays, but it is at least ten years too soon. I like how they went with the Rays against the gradient oval on the hat as opposed to the TB hat. I think the Turn Back the Clock promos that teams do are cool for the most part. But in order to make the promotion fun, you have to wait long enough to turn back the clock. There are several rules of thumb you could apply, but in our case we have a player on our current roster who was on the team when these throwbacks were our standard uniform. Also, we still play in the same stadium, and not enough has happened to separate the vibe of that team and the current team. It just doesn't "feel" that long ago.

The Buccaneers are going to wear throwback uniforms during a game this year when they unveil the Ring of Honor at RJS. Good timing on the Bucs part. The time lapse isn't much different than that of the Rays and the unis they wore last night, but it feels longer for the Bucs. All those old Bucs are gone, the team is playing in a new stadium, they won a freaking Super Bowl, and an entire decade has passed since they were considered a last place stalwart. I'm curious to see what they go with. There were several variations to their Orange & White uniform.

  • In their first year they actually had orange numbers on the white jerseys.
  • This was changed fairly quickly to red numbers, which is how we all remember them.
  • In the early 90's the Bucs introduced orange pants, and a Bucco Bruce logo that was larger than the original. Check our Errict Rhett, and compare back the to James Wilder picture from #2.
  • Of course they could always go with the Orange Jersey. The orange appeared brighter in later years, but I don't think this was a change made by the Bucs, rather it was a byproduct of a change in by the manufacturer that made the orange appear brighter than before.

If I was in charge of putting this thing together for the Bucs I would opt for the small Bruce logo and orange jersey noted in the Lee Roy Selmon picture above. We shall see. Great timing by the Bucs. They passed up some opportunities in the past (Thanksgiving Day games) when they could have worn these, and the end result was more anticipation for their throwbacks than the Rays had last night. I think the Rays should take a few years off from the throwback promos and use that money to pass out some more bobbleheads at the door.

I'm willing to bet a million dollars they showed the footage of the cotton eye joe guy on the big screen last night. After all the uniforms were the same as the day that footage was shot.

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