Friday, July 10, 2009

This has changed my viewing pleasure

I saw this article linked to another site recently. It discusses the offset camera angle that most teams use in their broadcast. Now I'm obsessed with it

Baseball Tonight last night had the Red Sox highlights via NESN, and it is superior, except for the fact that the pitchers head often blocks the plate.
It should be noted that the Rays have both camera angles but opt for the off set camera for the live broadcast, saving the dead center camera for replays of close calls. One of my favorite cameras is the one at home directly over home plate, something you don't see in any other park

Anyway I thought it was interesting, especially the effect the offset angle has on making off speed pitches look nastier than they really are. I'm sitting in training now, but I've got more thoughts on Price's outing from yesterday and the Rays placement in the standings. I'll try to post it today, and if not tomorrow morning.

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