Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rays / White Sox

I think I may know what this guy was thinking.

James Shields was good for 6 2/3 inning last night. He consistently retired the first batter each inning. He was getting ahead of hitters. In typical James Shields fashion he did give up a home run, and a few other batters came close, but after recording the second out in the bottom of the 7th with nobody on things came unraveled. The next batter drew a walk on a perfect 3-2 pitch that home plate umpire Laz Diaz called a ball. I've never heard Dwayne Staats so upset in all my years watching Rays broadcasts. That would have been the end of the inning, but one thing lead to another and the Rays lose. Yes, BJ could have avoided any damage had he not misread the Alexei Ramirez line drive, but it really didn't have to come down to that. The karma train went in reverse last night after the good fortune from the night before.

We're now 2-4 against the White Sox this year, and 3-5 against the Indians. I don't understand how that is possible when you consider how we've done against the Red Sox and Yankees. This afternoon we get Kazmir vs. Buehrle in an afternoon game

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