Friday, July 24, 2009

Rays problems on display for 2 hours

Yesterday I alluded to our poor record against the White Sox this season, yesterday makes it 2-6 to a mediocre team for the year. I don't think this warrants a tantrum like the guy at Raysindex threw this morning, but he does dance around a few good points. When this season ends, if the Rays find themselves 4 games short of the playoffs, the team's shortcomings will be glaring.

  • 9-14 in the month of April

  • 14-16 in one run games

  • 3-4 against the Orioles

  • 2-6 against the White Sox

  • 3-5 against the Indians (including a 4 game sweep in Cleveland)

  • 4-6 against Oakland

On the flip side the Rays were 13-5 in interleague play, and are 6-0 against the Royals. So it isn't that they aren't capable of beating weaker opponents. Perhaps the upcoming 9 game homestand against the Yankees, Royals, and Red Sox are what they need.

Make no mistake, the Rays aren't putting on a 2008 performance, but remember last year we actually won the division. A wild card will suffice. The Red Sox are currently crapping the bed. Outisde of Jason Bay, Kevin Youkilis, and Dustin Pedroia their lineup isn't that scary. Pitching-wise, Dice-K has been terrible, Brad Penny still hasn't regained his 2007 form, and Time Wakefield is what he always is. Lester and Becket are their two best starters by far and this season we've managed a combined 3-2 record against those guys. It was this time of year last year when the Yankees took a nose dive, and the Sox appear to be doing just that.

The frustrating thing wasn't the 27 outs from yesterday, it was the whole four game series. We lose game 1 by a run (a game that David Price gives up a 3 run homer to Konerko), we pull off a miracle in game two in the bottom of the 9th (first ninth inning comeback all year), Game 3 falls apart in the 7th with 2 outs and nobody on, and then to top it off perfect game #18 happens to us yesterday afternoon. All in all, the Rays should be happy to be getting out of Chicago. I think they need to take 2 of 3 from the Blue Jays this weekend. The Blue Jays are 6-14 in their last twenty games.

Jon texted me something along the lines of "nice catch" after the Kapler near-homer in the 9th. I had no idea what was happening, so of course I reply "Did we win". Good job by me being on top of things. Perfect games are fun, but not when it happens to your team. The nice thing about baseball is that when your team loses, 24 hours later it's old news, except when your team loses in a perfect game.

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