Saturday, July 25, 2009

If the Playoffs started today...

Our LDS matchups would be as follows:

Yankees vs. Tigers
Red Sox vs. Angels

Dodgers vs. Cardinals
Rockies/Giants vs. Phillies

In the NL I'm read to annoint the Phillies East Division Champs. The Marlins are in second, and that team doesn't resemble a playoff team in the slightest. If someone wants to crown a division champ this early, the Dodgers are as close as you could come to being a sure thing. The Wild Card race and the Central race are both closely contested (credit to St. Louis for pulling the trigger on the Matt Holliday trade).

As far as I'm concerned the whole AL is up for grabs. The only certainty is that either the Yankees, Red Sox, or Rays will win the AL East. The Wild Card is very much up for grabs, the Central is a three team race (Tigers, Twins, White Sox), and the A's are the only team in the west that I'm willing to count out.

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