Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Run Derby inspires nothing

Ever notice the inverse relationship between your age and the amount of pleasure derived from watching the Home Run Derby. I timed my viewing to see Carlos Pena and his upside down Rays logo (courtesy of uniwatchblog.com), take his hacks. Also thanks to ESPN for interviewing one of our franchise's biggest disappointments during Pena's turn at bat. My only other observation was that Joe Morgan seemed very defensive anytime he reminisced about his playing days. I'm guessing this had something to do with it.

Urb denied the Notre Dame rumors again yesterday. He was responding to this article written by Paul Finebaum. If you aren't familiar with Finebaum's "brand", he's an Alabama homer (despite being a Tennessee grad), and he likes to piss on the rest of the conference. Take this piece, which ran today as a good example of the angle he works. Ole Miss poses the biggest threat to Bama this season, so it stands to reason that Finebaum would take shots at them in the preseason. Basically, he is "biased southern football guy". His bitter bear routine on Urban giving a scouting report to his old buddy from Utah is hysterical.

Lastly, Brian Griese was released. This was inevitable. I kind of thought Byron Leftwich would get the axe at some point, but it is hard to envision a QB depth chart of Freeman, McCown, and Josh Johnson. Freeman and McCown are shoe-ins for roster spots. So it really comes down to whether or not the Bucs want to give up on a guy with one year of service in lieu of Leftwich or not. I would rather roll the dice on Johnson, and possibly end up with a quality young player. The Bucs have nothing to lose this year. I suppose they could put Johnson on the practice squad, but there is probably some process he would have to go through that would make him available to other teams first.

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