Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Star festivities prove to be eventful

This year's All Star game was a fine example of how far the Rays have come since 2007. Once upon a time our lone All Star representative was Lance Carter, who wasn't an All-Star caliber player. He was a quota selection. I think Lance Carter's greatest accomplishment was that he and Danys Baez fetched Edwin Jackson and Chuck Tiffany in a January 2006 trade. Nowadays we're getting guys voted in by fans to start the game (Longoria), we've got our manager coaching the AL team, a guy participating in the Derby, and five representatives (Longo, CC, Pena, Zobrist, Bartlett) in all. To top it all off, CC wins the freaking game MVP award. Of course none of this means jack squat, but its at least another indicator that the Rays aren't the same (in a good way).

I know everybody feels home field in the World Series is a joke and I agree. It certainly didn't help us last year. I still can't believe we lost that series to the freaking Phillies. Look at those guys this year; they are courting Pedro Martinez to shore up their rotation. 2009 Pedro Martinez. And we couldn't beat those guys last year! Before that series started last year I was saying all the things a fan would say trying to avoid "jinxing" the Rays. But you know what, f-that, we should have won that series. In 2009 while the Rays are optioning guys like Sonny to AAA and sending David Price to start the season in Durham, the f-ing Phillies are digging up a corpse for a stretch run in a division that we absolutely destroyed in interleague play this year. The Marlins are still in it! The same Marlins that we beat 5 out of 6 times this year. If the Dodgers don't win the National League pennant this year there is no way you can convince me that the NL representative in the World Series should't get the 1999 Braves treatment from whoever wins the AL.

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