Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 Florida Gators

The amount of praise being heaped on the Gators this summer is something that I don't recall seeing.

  • In the Atlanta-Journal Constitution Tony Barnhart is saying that if the loftiest goals are attained this year that Tim Tebow should be considered the greatest college player ever.

  • Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel is calling Urban Meyer the second coming of Bear Bryant

  • In what is supposed to be considered an anonymous ballot, the southern media felt the need to smoke out the person who didn't vote Tim Tebow first team All SEC, and it was The Head Ball Coach.

The best team I've seen was the mid 90s Nebraska Cornhuskers. I don't ever recall these types of superlatives being laced into the discussions about the Huskers. Same thing too with the 2001 Miami Hurricanes. Can anyone come up with a suggestion?

FYI - I think it is premature to be comparing Urban Meyer to Bear Bryant. He's been at Florida for 4 football seasons only. If the Gators fail to win any sort of title this year, and Tebow fails to win any sort of individual award, despite what they say I think people will view him in a less glorified light than if they manage to meet all the lofty expectations.


  1. Bianchi is one of the worst columnists in America and is the UF version of Paul Finebaum. So his opinion on the topic shouldn't even matter. As to Tony Barnhardt article and the UF hype, both are just indicative of the sports trend in the last few years to try to make everything instant history. ESPN ran that stupid "Is USC the best ever?" segment before they even played Texas. This is just the furtherance of that.

    I recalled 2001 Miami of having similar hype, but apparently UF was the AP number one that year in the preseason. If you go back through the history of preseason rankings, you get a good look at how preseason rankings were almost always split be region. In the last few years, that has changed considerably due to ESPN and the instant history focus. ESPN's new SEC package guarantees that we'll hear everything about Tebow for the next 4 months, and this whole witch hunt to determine who could possibly think Jevon Snead is as good as a QB (discounting the fact that every NFL scout thinks this) is just the tip of the iceberg. But for now, the 2005 comparisons seem most apt. UF's USC and Tebow's Matt Leinhart. On the bright side, though, if Tebow does lead UF to a second national title under him, and Meyer wins 3 in 4 years, then Tebow becomes Tommie Frazier and UF becomes mid-90s Nebraska.

  2. I would say that NFL scouts aren't the correct measurement for figuring out who the best college quarterback is. There's a large body of evidence to support this. Not to say that Snead isn't a good college quarterback, but his pro stock isn't a measure for who the best QB in the SEC is.

  3. I guess my point was just that Jevon Snead is pretty good, and it wouldn't be insane to pick a guy who's a preseason Heisman candidate and a QB of a top 10 team. Sam Bradford's coming off the Heisman, and I doubt there will be any outcry if/when Colt McCoy gets some votes.

  4. I think your point is valid. In my post on Spurrier when I layed out what I thought his response would have been kind of touches on that. I don't think anyone thinks Snead isn't a good QB. UF wanted him, Texas wanted him, and the guy ended up at Ole Miss because he was smart enough to recognize the situations he was in weren't allowing for PT, plus he knows he's good enough to help a program like freaking Ole Miss actually look respectable.